big tank Yz seat?

I am looking for a set up that will offer a large tank for trail riding as well as the benefit of the YZ type ergos. Any suggestions? Clarke has 3.3 GL tank and a YZ seat set up for 265$ I would really like to have something with two petcocks one on each side of the tank. I believe IMS offers something like this. So far I think the Clarke deal is the best. But dosen't offer the dual petcock set up.

I have no intensions of MX racing just long rides with the best fit and handling that I can get. Suggestions? Thanks.

check into the Ty Davis Tank/seat combo. it has to petcocks, sits low (for better handeling/ride

forward position,..etc.), 3.4 gal. This combo

works great.

By the way I noticed you have not checked your personal mail. to do this go to "my profile" , then read your mail.

Also note that with this combo you'll need the

DR.D hot start button, cause the tank is low and

hot start difficult to get to. Dr.D works great!!

Good Luck in your quest to upgrade your sweet ride. Ride ON!!

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