WR450 - Performance Muffler Insert

I have the pro moto billet insert which is similar.

It made the bottom end pull alittle stronger into the midrange and it revs out a little faster/farther.

Mine tested at 92.5 db. If you want a little more power and want to keep it quiet this is the way to go. If you want alot more power and alot more noise an aftermarket exhaust is the only way to go.

The tips do work. I had the promotobillet also and I'm sure the Yamaha version would work equally as well. However I must suggest that you save your money for the GYT-R header and stainless oval muffler.....actually I think the muffler will fit on the stock header at least it does on an 05. I bought the header cuz I dented the stock one. Anyway the pipe works REAL GOOD!!!!

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