Bogus Clarke tank

Ok I get my new Clarke 4.0 tank today from Put my nice $40 graffics on there. Take everything a part blah blah blah, well the metal adapter to attach your petcock to and the O ring doesnt get tight enough to not leak. Its like the indent for the tank where the O ring goes is molded too deep. any one else have this issue? Basically the tank is worthless to me. Leaks like a bitch. I will call Clarke tommorrow and see what they say. Anyone else have this issue? Oh yea also the 2 bolts that where suppose to come with the tank did not come with it, had to go to the hardware store to get them.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Damn! That sucks.

I just got a Clarke 4.7 from them a few weeks ago. Everything was there and it fits perfectly. I hope they make right by you.

Good luck. Let us know.

why not go to the hardware store, buy a little gasket material, 2 bolts, and fix it yourself in 15 minutes? That usually works better for me than trying to go the customer service route. Companies should stand behind their products, but if I can fix the problem in a few minutes, I would much rather fix it and go ride, instead of playing phone tag with customer service. Either way,, enjoy your new tank,, big tanks rule

I have a Clarke 4 gallon rig on mine and it sealed up fine. One thing I did run into is after it was mounted the petcock came so close to hitting the fins on the head I would have to measure the gap with a feeler guage. I had to install a spacer under the tank at the rear mount for a comfortable clearance.

A-10 Crewdog

My Clarke 4.7 gal tank fit like a glove, even uses the stock petcock from the OEM leaks or problems at all. I think what you have is a problem from the distibutor not treating you right. The Clarke tanks are great.


Same here, my stock petcock fit fine with my clark 4.0.

Haven't put my tank on yet, but I will say that the "safety bar" that was in the tank when I got it, was all rusty.

Haven't put my tank on yet, but I will say that the "safety bar" that was in the tank when I got it, was all rusty.

Mine was rusty too! Good overall fitment though just make sure you clean the tank out well. There were plastic bits everywhere in mine.

Oh and like someone a few up mentioned just get some gasket maker (fuel safe) and seal her up. Should've been right in the first place though agreed.

where can i get some gasket maker stuff? i was thinking of cutting an intertube washer for it.

Also my cross bar was all rusty and in the tank too. I had plasctics shavings in there.

Mine (Clarke 4.7) leaked too. Not at first though it waited until I was camping on the beach 8 miles from town in Baja. I made a seal from some breather hose and it is still holding 7K miles later.



I called Clarke and the lady I spoke to said that the petcock adapter should have came ON the tank already and that the only reason why I had a packaged metal fuel adapter is because someone at Just Gas must have pulled the one that came with the tank and gave to someone else and thats why I had a packaged one and one not on the tank. the correct size O ring that should have came with it, Clarke is shipping me one for free. I found a larger O fing at a bearing and tool company and I doubled up the two and torqued it down. I filled the tank with water and placed on my garage floor if the floor is not wet when I get home I have no leak. What a pain in the ass, if this is all true then it was the vendor and not Clarke's fault.

If the hole in the adapter is not llined up with the hole in the tank the o-ring will not seal. The two holes in the adapter are slotted. Find something the approximate same diameter of the adapter and the hole in the tank to align the two holes with the two screws loose. Tighten and it might help. I had the same problem and the alignment solved the leaking issue.:confused:

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