Will not start!


greased up the linkage yesterday. It was needed. Not much rust, but dry bushings and dirty factory mounted grease. It was not too difficult but I hope I dont have to do it soon again anyway.

Also, while I was at it, i put everything back together - front end stuff, exhaust, side panels, wheels, tank and saddle - and then I tried to start her up. No such luck.

Kicked myself silly. Removed the plug, wet and sooty, since I had no spare (stupid, stupid, stupid) :D but I put a burner on the old one and heated it up good. Checked for a sparc, it was there but really puny :D not impressive at all. Did some more kicking, nothing, and then got some help and we started pushing it - still nothing.

Gave up :) . I will buy a couple of new plugs, one original and one hotter (whatever that means - help please). I am also considering "cutting" the blue wire that supposedly gives a "weaker" sparc when in neutral (there is a thread on the YZ TT forum).

If and when :D I get it started I will then mount my Acerbis barkbusters and my new VDO computer (bicycle model).

Anyone have other ideas on how to get my Blue back to roaring life, please let me know.


pull off the coil wire and clean the male spade before putting back on. check that the kill wires are in.

the spark always looks poor! it's only getting a kick start and there is no battery.

a hotter plug is a '7'.


Fred, i told you not to lube the inside of the carb and cylinder!!! Stop working on your bike and hit the trails!!!! /Jon :)

Ok, thanks Jon, but should I not grease the Harman Kardon Extension Blow-By Wire Servo? :) as was Your instructions!

Taffy: My english is not that good I am afraid! I have not a clue what You are referring to:

"pull off the coil wire and clean the male spade"

Hmmm, the coil wire is the wire delivering current to the spark plug - right? via the spark plug cap! But for me a spade is something used for digging - clearification please.

Did a search and found a description on how to dissasemble the plug cap - seems intriguing, with spring, muscle work and resistor and stuff. It looks like it is made for messing up and break something.


You didn't per chance put a new air filter in, did you. I read somewhere that air filter oil can foul carb jets making it impossible to start.

Just a shot....

a spade is the wire connecting to the coil. In your manual it tells you about how much resistance there is supposed to be between cdi and coil and CDI and plug. My kill switch went bad. So i had alot more resistance than i should have. But get a new plug. that should work. Plug, Plug, Plug.

make sure you have gas! I couldn't start mine,i looked in the tank,there was gas but not enough,turn the petcock to reserve-picked up more gas and started.It may look like you have gas,but if it not enough,you won't pick any up with the petcock turn on "ON".

make sure you have gas! I couldn't start mine,i looked in the tank,there was gas but not enough,turn the petcock to reserve-picked up more gas and started.It may look like you have gas,but if it not enough,you won't pick any up with the petcock turn on "ON".

Sounds like a fouled plug alright, maybe you could kick it over with the plug removed to blow out any gas built up in there and also get a new plug. Make sure to blow out any loose dirt from the spark plug hole before doing this as you do not want to suck dirt into the cylinder. Did you also tear down the carb?? Did you change any settings anywhere?? Any other changes??

The spade I think taffy is reffering to is the brass piece up inside the spark plug boot. If you found rust on your bike anywhere, you may have some corrosion on this too. This is the piece that actually touchs the head of the plug. Although, it shouldn't keep you from starting the bike in my opinion, but anything is possible.

The old "just cleaned the air filter" trick is possible too, but probably only if you really oiled the crap out of it or you got gas on it. Again, anything is possible.

Can you describe your starting procedure?? I can tell you that I had a rough time learning "the drill" myself. Thanks to the folks here at TT, I was flogged repeatedly until I got it. Trust me when I tell you "the drill" makes all the difference in the world. These bikes are easier to flood out than a YZ465 with a 490 main jet. Yes, I would know...

Ummm.... before we get too deep though... the bike was running well before you took it apart??? And I wouldn't cut any wires until you at least get her fired up.

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If you don't know the starting procedure you can check out yamaha.com there's a video with dr.d showing you how to start the bike.


thanks for all the replies.

For further enlightment. Have not touched the airfilter nor the carb, only thing changed are the handlebars + removed the air-box lid.

When I bought it I only did a short testdrive for 200 yards in really cold weather, it was stored in a semi warm garage and started first kick. It did bludder and stutter a bit, but I believe that to be due to beeing cold and the cold air. Everything else is stock.

I did lift the subframe early on this winter and had a look-see on the intake side of the carb and of course I couldnt help but twist the trottle to see the AP squirt - did that a couple of times. Maybe that gas trickled in to the combustion chamber and got "soaked" up by the plug?

When we are on the topic of gas. There is gas in the tank, a lot of it - but it´s "old", from last year. It works fine in my XR, but maybe the WR is more sensitive?

Well, I will get some new plugs (cant have to many of ´em) and give that test a shot. If that does not work, I will test the kill switch, and then new gas, if THAT doesnt help I will start banging my head to the wall and I KNOW that wont help a bit, so I´ll have to start fiddling with the coil, cap and CDI and beeing clumsy as I am I will probably break something and then there will be some serious cursing going on in the garage - and then I will call on You guys again.

I will probably not be able to do these tests until Friday evening (US eastcoast time minus six hours) but will let You all know a.s.a.p.

I just love the Internet :) !


the plug will do it. Also get new gas. there is not a better way to dirty your carb. This last december i kicked and kicked. For three days in a row. I tried everything. Did the old lay the bike almost down then back up till gas runs out the tubes. this usually works if it wont start. So i finally just went ahead andchecked the plug. it was shot. Wet as hell. Al that work for nothing. First kick with a new plug it fired. It is your plug dude. Just change it.

You can always sniff the tailpipe for gas fumes. Its a bit crude but if you can smell fresh gas from there, your flooded out bigtime. For me anyway, after 4 kicks, if she isn't lit, I hit the hot start and that fresh air lights it up everytime. Same case for post-go-down-syndrome.

Anyhow, seems like a rich condition is very easy to produce if you don't get it started in 1-2 kicks. Anyone else feel this way???

i would rather sniff orange clean hand cleaner but if sniffing tail pipes is your thing go right ahead. Like i keep saying. plug plug plug


bought two new NGK CR8E plugs yesterday (dang expensive they were too, had planned on buying three but had to settle for two and still my wallet screamed in agony :D ).

Will give it a shot after work today. So this is the drill:

Make sure the plug hole (too close to censorship, ehh :D ) is clean, using compressed air, remove old plug, kick it a few times to air out the combustionchamber, install new plug, give it a gooooood kick as per starter drill (choke out and right hand ANYWHERE but on the throttle :) ).

It better start, I am going to the DMV (Bilbesiktningen) on Wednesday to get it legally registered - and then I will do some riding, at last - dont like winters :D .

Thanks again for all the tips,


OH to be as green as a sappling in the spring....Veterans does this conversation sound familiar or what?

You're on the right track with the plug....

Sniff the Exhaust Pipe? Man...now there's a contact high for ya....

Whats the old saying...Never trust anyone over 30 or under 300 posts......Well the over 30 part is kinda right.....

Bonzai :)

"I resemble that remark!" :)

plug plug plug and under 30 and over 300 posts. That must make me a vet. WOW cool.

Hey Fredrik! How's that drill go...? FUEL;COMPRESSION;SPARK,FUEL;COMPRESSION;SPARK.....(who forgot the beer?)(this thing has NO CHOICE but to start)(I really need a beer)(maybe I should turn the B.D. switch on...)(nobody saw that,right?)(two-stroke showoffs)...FUEL;COMPRESSION;SPARK...

Seriously, you've gotten the best advice already, but be careful if you mess with the spark plug cap, an earlier post indicated it was VERY expensive...Also, you mentioned changing handlebars?Just before trying to start it? Real easy to flood it doing that. Or maybe pull a wire loose...?

Good luck. Let us know what you find. Scott

Forgot one biggie if you changed bars: Make sure the decompressor cable is not pulled too tight.(fuel,COMPRESSION,spark).

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