Ride an XR650R?

How many of us are actually out there still riding and racing the good old 650R?

Step to the 650R I dare ya! Haha.....the BRP is permanently engraved in the titanium of DelTronXR's life:thumbsup:

district 37 v122 novice!!! yeah yeah


Ride: Hellyas.

Race: NFW!


mines a permanent fixture :confused:

Yep mine too. Taking out to Baja hopefully soon! Right now it's set up for dual sport but I plan to race it in a few District 7 (east coast) races.

I'm just getting started with mine! 1 season just about down, many to go

I've gone to Baja 5 times on mine (about 9000 miles worth) plus tons of other riding from singletrack to fire roads. My 650R is one of the best purchases I have made in my entire life. I love this thing (things)!!


Cant beat it on long rides.

Not sure if I will race it again (never say never) but it will be my long term pre-runner and dual sport.

I am still riding mine. Matter of fact I was just out last Sunday:ride: I still find myself walking out to the garage taking a look at it. Its a very fun bike to ride and easy to start too.

On my second one now. Love this bike. Just picked up a supermoto rear tire too so I quit flying through knobbies on my daily commute. Swap out the slick for a knobby and off to the dez. Good stuff!:confused:

Still riding my 650R Dual Sport in the Socal Desert and Mountain Nasties.

Me...all the way from Singapore...noob...just got it on May...and still enjoying it very much.....

Still riding mine. This is #3, I had a 2000, and sold that to get a 2003. Now, I have the 2006, awesome bike-lots of upgrades. I want to get one more desert race in before the end of the year.........:confused:

I plan on doing some racing next year with mine:eek:

Haven't raced it (yet) but I have yet to ride another bike that has the grin factor of the 650R. Mosy of my buddies are too big of pansies to ride it. One sat on it while it was idling, put it down into first but was to chickensh!t to let the clutch out.

Dunno why it spooks em so much :confused: :confused:

Still riding, maybe race, we'll see..........I can't break the damn thing......:confused:

Ride it everyday (well almost) to school...it sees dirt pretty much everytime i throw a leg over it too...even on my way to and from school :confused:

We'll be racing my 2006 in the Baja 1000 this year. We're all on XRs. Long live the BRP!

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