Thinking about an '01 WR426 $3800

Found this street legal CA registered bike the other day and went to check it out today. First owner was some dentist in the city, and this 2nd owner said he barely rode the thing. The bike is tight with very few signs of any use. It has the Revloc auto clutch which would take a lot of getting used to and comes with a new seat (foam and cover), skid plate, protapers, acerbis grip guards, baja kit (light, blinkers, new back fender) big gas tank and original, TrailTech Endurance, and I think that's it for the goodies.

Is this price fair?

Will I ever get used to the Auto Clutch?

And what kind of miles per gallon are you guys getting out of these?

Seems like a bad ass bike after spending a few hours on this forum and actually saddling up on one. The thing feels brand new under me, and I'm assuming I could sell off the Revloc if I don't like it.

Any input is appreciated.



Pretty expensive for an 01, if it wasn't ridden much I wonder how the seals are doing.....tend to dry up if you're not running it.

You can probably sell the clutch - I wouldn't run it with an auto, don't think many would.

MPG - don't know, don't care, they go for a long time on a tank - definitely more fuel efficient than your car/truck.

And what kind of miles per gallon are you guys getting out of these?

I have a dual-sported '03 WR450 and get 62 mpg on streets and forest roads when riding reasonably smoothly and not gassing it at every opportunity. Less on rough trails and such. I hit reserve at 130+ miles on the stock tank on smooth roads and trails. The carb has to be jetted correctly, though. I bought the bike used and it was running rich for a while and I was getting only 30 mpg.

I think the price is reasonable for a bike with all that "Stuff" on it.

If it is in fact a low mileage bike it could serve you well for a long time.

I find that Boot wear marks on the engine cases are a great indicator of how many hours the bike really has.

I also look carefully at the rear shock snubber at the bottom of the shock shaft. this is also a good indicator of how hard the bike has been used. If the snubber is beat then you know it has had a lot of hard landings from an aggressive rider. If it looks new then maybe the owner just putted around (or had the shock rebuilt)?:confused:

It is safer to assume all that the seller told you is BS. How many times have you heard that used car salesmans pitch that "it was only driven by an old lady on Sunday?"

If the prev. owners barely used the bike, they wouldn't have put into the improvements like they did, especially the TT computer, which will eliminate all traces of earlier mileage. I'd assume that you had to put $1000 into the motor and/or tranny.

Just for reference, I paid $1850 for a 01 WR250F in 2004! And it needed alot of work as all the bearings were shot in the rear suspension, and steering head.

If the bike looks like new - check for telltale signs like boot wear, the frame should also be a good sign of how used it is look for damage underneath - dents scrapes, it's easy to see a repainted frame as well, look for that, if it's dented underneath but the paint is perfect it's repainted...

you did mention earlier that it has an auto clutch, so it's pretty safe to say a dentist or similar (not trying to sound judgemental here) was actually the first owner - at least someone with little to no bike experience and no manual shifing experience but lots of money to do all the "recommended" upgrades (dealer probably $aw him coming blocks away!) - who knows, could be a true story!!!

My 2000 wr 400 cost me 2300 canadian, it's got some signs of use, but was maintained well and runs A1 - and that's what counts in the long run, looks are cheap to fix, engine and gearbox - not so much.

3800 is a bit pricey...even for Cali. Figure a plate is worth 500-750, that makes an equivalent unplated worth of about 3000-3300 for the bike. The auto clutch isn't necessarily an indication of someone who didn't ride as was stated earlier, but more an indication of someone who liked to ride a lot of single track. I've never used one myself, but the 450 guys swear by them, as do lots of DRZ guys.

Regardless of whether or not the scooter is a good "value", plated off road bikes are hard to find in Cali, so there's a bit of a sellers market. If you like the bike and will use the plate, offer the guy 3K and negotiate from there. At 3k, it would be a reasonable deal, but only you know what the bike is truly worth to you.

To assess the condition of the bike, again look at the condition of the frame. Put the bike up on a stand and shake the wheels. Look for slop in the wheel bearings and rear suspension linkage. Front wheel bearings tend to loosen up on the early WRs with a lot of miles on them. Ask the owner if he will pull the oil filter for you. A bit of flakes in the filter is normal, but lots may mean that even though the bike wasn't ridden much, it wasn't serviced much either. How true are the wheels? Is the heat shield on the header all dinged up? Ask when the last time the valves were adjusted, by whom, and how much they had moved. Big movement is a sign of trouble, but if the current owner isn't a rider, he may not know that...

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do...

Regardless of the price, you will LOVE the scooter. It's fast, handles relatively well, and is as reliable as a rock!

that's alot of doe for a dirtbike that is 7 years old, regardless of all the goodies on it. For that kind of money I would want a bike with e- start.

Oh, and if you decide to get the bike, keep the revlock! You will love it on sigle track and technical terrain.

that is alot of money, I sold my trick 2000 wr400 for 2100. Add in the plate for about 750$ and thats around the 3000$ mark

My dad bought an 02 WR426 in 04 for $3500. It did not have a plate, but that price does seem a little high.

Man I'm try'n to sell a nice 05 for $4000 that I really did buy new with no plate BUT street title. I took the plate back because I didn't want to pay the taxes.

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