Trail Tech Vapor - temperature sensor question

I just ordered a Vapor and corresponding dashboard from for my XR650L. BTW, they're outstanding. Returned my emails VERY quickly.

What I'd like to know is if anyone has used their temperature sensors. I'm considering trying to fit one of the water/oil sensors into the oil filler neck where most people put the XR's Only temperature dipstick.

Trail Tech has a kit that screws into the oil drain plug but I have a magnetic drain plug I don't want to give up. Besides, all the comparative temerature data comes from the filler neck. Here's the link to the page that has Trail Tech oil drain plug sensor.

The guy at Trail Tech suggested I do the following: "What most people do for the XR’s is use the spark plug temperature sensor (shown here) and put it into their oil line where the line enters the cylinder. That will be a little more accurate rather then taking the temperature from the oil drain bolt. Those are the best two ways to do the temperature sensor on a XR." I'm not sure what the first point means. Is he talking about bending it around the silver metal oil line? I certainly couldn't use that oil line bolt. Furthermore, I don't think it addresses my desire to have comparitive temperature data because this isn't the same place guys using the XR's Only temp dipstick have taken their temps from ...

Does anyone have any good ideas how I can get the temperature from one of the Trail Tech sensors so that I can compare it fairly to the temperatures taken from an XR's Only temperature dipstick?

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