DRD needs your vote!

If you run DRD on your YZ, you need to cast a vote in this poll.


The poll is about halfway down the page on the left hand side.


man fmf is killing it..

go Dr.D:thumbsup:

Yes please do vote

does it really matter who wins the poll?

does it really matter who wins the poll?
For what ever reason it does matter to DRD. I am a support rider and they sent each support rider e-mails and asked us to vote in this poll. I am very loyal to them and their products. Also Mr. Dubach is always so helpful to anyone at the races, I figure it is not asking much to vote in this poll. So I hope everyone VOTES!

I like how FMF is already checked in the poll. Clever. :confused:

dr.d is in 2nd

Wow! DRD is only 11 votes out of 1st place. It must be the influence of ThumperTalk that is making the difference.

Dr.D now leads by one vote!!:confused:

now leads by 2 :confused:

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