Primary Drive Chains/Sprokets

I have been riding tracks a few hours a week for about 9 months on a primary drive x-ring chain & front sprocket with a Sunstar rear sprocket. They are showing a little wear, but I didn't measure them to track wear. For the price I am getting pretty good service from these parts. I think the chain was about $50, front sproket $8, rear about $20.

Anyone have any different experience with Primary Drive?


I don't have any experience personally with the PD sprockets. But my nephew has their o-ring chain & sprocket kit on his KDX since February this year and has put a season of hare scramble racing on them, and they're holding up fine. The whole kit was like $65.

I bought a PD o-ring chain for my YZ250, put it on the stock sprockets. I've also got a season of racing on the chain, and it (along with the stock YZ sprockets) still looks great. I paid $41.80 for the chain.

Bottom line, its not bad stuff for the price.

I had the Primary Drive Alloy Kit & Gold X-Ring Chain for my YZ 400. I had no problems with the chain or sprockets, for the price they are great products and I would purchase them again.

I've been running the primary drive stuff for a while now. The seem to wear and preform well. The prices are really good on their products,and I won't hessitate to buy their products again I also have their gold x-ring chain.

They are a good buy,I don't think there is a better deal out there.I recommend them to anyone :confused: :confused:

Hope this helps!:confused:

There are some great opinions of the PD products. I just wonder why nobody responds to the "What chain or sprockets should I get?" questions with Primary Drive. I like them so far and love the Rocky Mountain prices on their brands.

I have been running Primary Drive for a couple of years now. I do a lot of desert and endurance type of races, and the X ring Gold with alloy rear sprockets have held up great with no problems.

I would recomend them to anyone.

They are good just heavier than everything else

If you're running Primary Drive O-ring chains, how are they fitting through the chain guide?? Is it a tight fit, do they fit nicely, or are they a little wide for it?? The reason I ask is that I'm going to replace my stock stuff (on an 07 450F) and don't want to have to replace the chain guide as well. I've heard that O-ring style chains won't fit thru the chain guide. Is this true or a BS story?

Thanks for the advice.

I imagine the chain guide is the same on the 250 and 450. The o-ring chain I have on my 250 fits through just fine, no rubbing at all.

Thanks, KAS. Why spend money on name brand stuff when you don't have to?

I've heard that O-ring style chains won't fit thru the chain guide. Is this true or a BS story?

Total BS. The pins on a Regina non-sealed RX3 pro chain are 18.1mm long. The pins on the Regina ORN6 are 20.4mm long. From direct experience with the latter chain is that there is no problem with this.

has anyone tried the non oring or xring PD chain?

has anyone tried the non oring or xring PD chain?

had the non oring and it didnt fare too well with only a minimal amt. of hours on it.

well what about the oring chain eating the frame on the 06?

i know some people had problems with oring chains eating at the inside of the frame on the aluminum bikes

They have the same trouble with non-sealed chains, too. Incorrect wheel alignment is, IMO, the culprit. I have two '06's, both with Regina ORN6 chains, neither one hits the frame to any significant degree.

I have heard nothing but good things about the PD Chains & Sprockets. Especially the O-Ring & X-Ring chains. I just bought a complete set for $67 which included the front/Back sprockets and O-ring chain. Seems like a good value. I will have to see how things hold up/wear.


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