Fork oil weight

I just bought a 2000 WR with 200 street miles on it. I took if for a good lite moto ride and am changing the fork oil - for the first time I believe.

Anyway, the oil I'm draining looks greenish fairly dirty and fairly heavy, like 10-15 wt. The manual says use fork oil "01". I have 3 pts of Honda SS7 5wt. Is this the proper stuff to use?

Also the forks had the stock 140mm of oil level, I'm thinking of going to 115mm as I'm 195 and do some jumping.

Any advice out there?


"01" means 5wt fork oil.

Hmm. I'm not sure that "01" *means* 5 wt. "O1" is KYB's designation for their fork oil which you can buy from Yamaha or Enzo. I have heard that it is equivalent to 5wt. Semantics I guess. :)

I am 185-190 lbs and raised my YZ fork oil height to 115 mm. It really made things WAY better. You will have to adjust your comp clickers out because they will be stiffer (I was running 8 clicks out on stock height, 10-12 clicks out at 115mm. But be careful, I also raised to 105 mm and went out a few more clicks. I didn't really notice that it was that bad but my arms pumped up so bad I could barely turn three laps. I went back to 115 mm and it was smooth again with no arm pump problems.

If you are changing the fork oil for the first time and it looks bad, you should really take out the base valve and clean things up good. It requires a 14 mm hex and either a cartridge holder or an air gun. See motoman393's sitefor details.

Gotcha' Thanks


Hey, Thanks

I have an air gun, Maybe I'll pull the base valve as you suggest, if I can come up with the courage.


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