Radiator Guards

I just ordered a set of Devol radiator guards does anyone else use them? And if so do they have any trouble with overheating? The things look pretty hardcore and offer a ton of protection just making sure they will still cool the motor enough

Was ridig with another TTer who had a vrry minor fall. Radiator with devls was tweked and leaking. I believe he hs since orderd Unabikers.

Camcel and order flatland racing.

I had devols, but like the flatland better since they incorporate a brace into the design.

I have devols on my 426. No problems with overheating (even with hot cams and a 444 big bore), and no problems with damage (and I drop the bike a lot!)

Had the devols on my 06 450 with no problems at all. They did their job and looked trick as well.

I put them on and they look good hopefully work just the same. On the 07 yz450f I dont see anywhere you could brace them to. They seem to be pretty sturdy though

Anyone running Works Connection or Moose Racing radiator cages? I've heard that they are better than the Devols, Unabikers, or Flatlanders because they don't obstruct airflow. Truth or BS??

Well I use Zip Ty, no problems yet, but there is no front roost protection.


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