04 WR450F starter reassembly help?

I was troubleshooting a starting problem, and ended up disassembling the starter. Unfortunately when I took it apart I neglected to mark the center cylinder (stator with the magnets inside) and how it lines up with the rear or front portions of the starter. I can get everything back together, but because the magnets are not in the same alignment as before, the starter motor is not producing enough torque to turn the motor through TDC. Has anyone else ripped apart their starter? If so can you tell me the alignment of the center cylinder relative to the end cap? Specifically how many degrees the magnets (2 sets, 180° from each other inside the stator) are off the brushes? Any guidance would be great. Thanks.

It shouldn't matter where the center piece is positioned. The brushes are the only pieces that should be offset 180 Degrees from eachother. Check the voltage in your battery, it probably needs a charge.


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