MX Pants question

I have been too cheap to spend the $100 on a pair of motorcross pants. I have been riding in fatigues from the local surplus store, but I have been going through those on a regular basis. I tend to come in contact with the ground, trees, rocks and anything else around. My question is, how do the mx pants hold up for woods riding?


Go to your local dealer or look in the mags and buy a set of last years gear . youll save a lot of cash and get the benefits of wearing some proper riding apperel.

i wrecked the other day. Hit my knee on a tree and slid about ten feet on my knee and my longjohns ripped and i got skin on my knee all rubbed off. But the pants didnt rip. I just got the pants. they were fox 180's. Not the top of the line. i think they will hold up great.

I have had both good and bad luck with all kinds of riding gear. You can buy a pair of $140 riding pants and burn a hole in them from the header pipe the first ride.

But hey poop happens...

As chippy said, you can get some good deals on closeouts at mail order bike stores.

Try that, and if that dosent work, I think I got some Mr. Motorcycle gear in the dog house the dog has been using for bedding this past winter if you want it. :D:)

LEWICHRIS......Mabe you should invest $12.00 in some Knee/Shin Guards.....Skin is a terrible thing to waste....

Bonzai :)

Go to an army/navy store and buy some army fatigue pants for about $35. They are reinforced in the seat and knees and fit loosely, so knee/chin guards have plenty of room. And if you get the rip-stop jungle weight material, they are perfect for hot weather riding. They also have a large cargo pocket on each leg. Use the hip pads from an old pair of riding pants to provide complete coverage-either sick them in your underwear or sew in some velcro just like real riding pants.

I love wearing a nice pair of MX pants, too, but it kills me to spend $150 and then rip a big hole in them on a tree branch on the first ride with them. You can but 4 pairs for the cost of one pair of MX pants.

Thanks guys. I guess I will look for some of the closeout stuff. If I can't find anything I hope MOmilkman's dog doesn't bite.

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

LEWICHRIS......Mabe you should invest $12.00 in some Knee/Shin Guards.....Skin is a terrible thing to waste....

Bonzai :)

already done. thank god. i sprained my MCL and had major brusing to my upper calf and lower quad muscles. In english i brused my knee up pretty good. The black and blue is just now going awat. three weeks later. But hey that is why i have Aflac.

After spending 25 years in the Army....I Friggin REFUSE to wear Anything Camoflaged.....Especially BDU's.....

Ok I'm Finished Now.....Someone else can have the box back....

Bonzai :)

I got a set of AXO vented pants and vented jersey for $100. Last years' model, but very, very sweet. When you wear baggy pants, you take the chance of snagging them on something, and being pulled off the bike.

yea like your kick starter when starting. then you cant get your leg unstuck and you fall over with a hot pipe on your leg. And 200 lbs to pick up from your back. Baggy isnt good. ubt that is my own poinion. And hey i hear this is where we voice our opinions!?

The fatigue pants are baggy in the sense that they are big enough to fit over knee/shin guards. (Just like regular riding pants are.)

Yamakaze, I wouldn't get the camo BDUs either. There is a pretty good assortment of solid colors in the military surplus stores around where I live. I personally have some in dark blue and khaki. They seem to be essentially the same thing as the OD green jungle fatigue pants, except in the different colors. They even have those labels in the that regular BDUs have.

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I've got tons of BDUs from when I was in the Marines. I would were wear them only as a last resort. They will provide no abrasion protection.

I picked up a used set of MSR MX pants from a local shop for $50. They have the typical burned holes, and even a hole in the left knee, but they hold up really well when I fall. And the plastic sections protect my legs in all the critical spots.

I've even had brushes of death with cactus here in Phoenix and the pants held up better than my boots.

I plan to some day buy a really nice set of Fox pants, but like you guys, I can't bring myself to spend $150 on pants at this point.


I just got a great deal from $120.00 for a set of Thor Core 3 Pants and a Jersey, and NO Shipping Fee. Thats a small price to pay for good protection.

Bonzai :)

6 bucks for a nut cup is a good price to pay for protection.

As far as moto pants go to e bay there always for sale and the best deal you can find!! Just ask questions size, condition etc. :)

check out they have a huge closeout section as long as you don't care what color or style they are. some are REALLY cheap $30-50.

all new stuff, never worn.

If your a big fat guy like me your chosed become more limited. I've had great luck with Moose Racing XCR gear, I've had the same pants now for 2 years and do nothing but woods riding.

link to moose racing

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One word.......EBAY!!!

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