From enduro to supermoto - 1986 XL600R

I'm finally finished with my first supermoto conversion. It certainly isn't as pretty as some of the bikes I've seen on this forum, but for those who are interested, here are some pics.

I reshaped the seat, front wheel is a 3 1/2" Sun rim, back is 4 1/2" Sun, tires are Michelin Pilots, front fender is an Acerbis supermoto, rear is an XR450 Acerbis fender, swing arm, engine and front shocks painted with satin black heat resistant paint and exhaust is XRs Only.

Hit me up if anyone wants to ride PCH Sounthern California up to Neptunes Net.




Cool. I want to do that to my '84.

looks trick man great job. love to see these 600's still doing it

Hey that came out really good!

I'm thinking about doing that to a 350 I can get for dirt.

I'll keep my eye out for you on angeles crest and pch/kanan to the rock shop smokin all the sportbikes:thumbsup:

Your bike looks great! What was your total cost in doing the conversion

Hello. Came across this thread. I'm considering building my XL into a SM as well. I can't see the photos on here for some reason. Curious how your bike turned out.  

It's a 10 year old thread and the OP hasn't been here for 9 years. I believe the pix are gone.

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