Toyota Sequoia anyone have one?

I just got back from driving one. I have to trade in my Dodge Quad cab 2WD and get something 4WD. I was thinking while I was at it I would get an SUV. I miss my Suburban :)

40K is a lot of money, but the dealer would go out to 5 years on the lease. I don't have a problem with the length of the term, because I would keep the truck until the end. It also has a 5year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty, so if something does go wrong while I have it, it's covered.

What do you guys think?



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My Nissan XTerra is a stout little bastard. I know Nissan has a decent finance deal on the Pathfinder that was not available when I bought my SUV...


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Hey,I thought you said you had better eyesight....... :)

A 5-year lease is generally NOT the way to go. You have to keep in mind that you are only RENTING the vehicle. You need to add together, what you are putting down plus your total of payments, plus the residual. I think you'll be amazed at how much money is going to be shelled out in the process. Also, if you go for the 5- year lease. YOU WILL HAVE IT FOR THE FIVE YEARS. It's not like a loan, you're not paying towards a principle. You will be forever upside down on it. I would suggest, if you're looking for a smaller payment, extend the loan (72mo.+) or take a second on your house. Otherwise 3 years is pretty much the longest you want to go on a lease. If you do lease, only put down the drive off's. The more you put down on the lease, the more you throw away (right into the Dealer's pocket). Good luck with what ever you decide.


My eyes were shut and both hands were working real hard and real fast. I was thinking of this new Snap On tool...

I'm going to sound sort of biased, being a Ford Technician and all, but I have leased my trucks from Ford Red carpet leasing,for several years.I have a very competitive payment and lease rates on trucks are very good(Explorers and Expeditions included).

I also agree that a 5 year lease is crazy.I lease my vehicles for 2 years, and 15000 miles a year. You get the most for your money that way. If you drive less go for 12000 miles.By the way my lease on my 01 F150 4x4 supercab is 361 a month for 2 years,I put 1000 dollars down.Sticker price on the truck was around 30K.I think I got it for around 26k.I don't get a much better deal than you can get if you dicker enough. Don't let the dealers tell you they can't deal on lease prices either,that's not true.Just my 2 cents.


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Is there a benefit of leasing vs owning? I've looked at it but can't see any benefit at all. If you lease you never get out from under paying a monthly note. I always take care of my vehicles and keep them at least 8 years so I go a long time without paying a a sizable downpayment for my next vehicle....put those savings plus what I sell my old vehicle for, and only have to finance a small amount for a short time. Am I missing something?

As far as leasing, this is what I see. I bought my 96 Dodge Grand Caravan for $23000.00 Through depreciation, the vehicle is worth about $10,500.00 street value. I have paid $13,000 for 4 years of use, and that money is gone. If a 4 year lease on this vehicle is LESS than the $13K I have lost, than leasing would have been the way the way to go. You must look at depreciation over the leased time.

This is the way I see it.

Is there any other way?

Dave VanB,

I went to Ford and looked at the Super Crew. I need a full size four door interior. The truck was 31K and with no money down, they quoted $580 for 36 months. Why such a huge difference? If I would go shorter term, to raise the residule value and put some money down on the lower finance amount. Would it work more to your range?

Either that, or the dealer is just trying to hose me :)



I tried the 4-runner and it's just to small for me. Is the Nissan roomier? Your taller than I am. How is the head and leg room in your rig?



Regarding the original question, if you are considering buying the Sequoia, you should also look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the new Acura MDX. I say this because I went through them entire exercise 1 year ago and ended up with the Jeep (MAN I LOVE THIS CAR... nice v8, lots of power, comfy, nice amenities, cheap relative to the others). At the time, I was hell bent on the Toyota 4 runner until I realized it is tiny, underpowered, cheesy inside and way expensive compared to the jeep. Of course this is off the topic.

The real thing to consider is that the Acura just came out a month or two ago and is getting great press (Motor Trend SUV of the year) and is theoretically very competitively priced. Some key features include 7 passenger seating, 240 HP V6, 22MPG, cool looks, cool AWD system, Honda quality, etc. I think it is a little smaller than the Seguoia but not sure how much.

(By the way, I don't work for them, I just love cars, especially Hondas)

In short, I can't wait for my 36 month Jeep lease to end so I can make the switch.

I hope this helps...



Although I am swarthy in stature as Mike in San Fran well knows, I am only 5'-10.5". I doubt the Nissan is any roomier than a Toyota.

Ted, the vehicle you describe definitely sounds sweet. My XTerra put me back $25K. Please let the Honda be more than that ($) so I don't feel so bad. If it is cheaper, just lie to me and say it starts @ $35K.!!

Yup, It costs more than $25k. If I remember correctly, it was about $38k in the article I read...

Coincidentally, I looked at the for the first time Sequoia yesterday and was suprised to see the Limited with a sunroof at about $46k.

BTW, the Sequoia is HUGE! It looks like a land cruiser with Ford styling.

I like some other nice features on the Acura MDX. I have 3 sons and the MDX offers a center shoulder/seatbelt on the middle seat along with a center headrest on the middle seat (not to mention that hide in the floor third row seat for the 6th and 7th passenger). None of the Quad cab pickups offer both of these safety features!! We were in a bad accident about 5 years ago and these safety features are essential to us now. I'll probably try to find a used MDX in a year or so to avoid paying my state/local officials salaries - fellow Arizona residents will know what I mean...

If safety is your biggest concern go with the Volvo Cross Country.With 8 airbags not to be confused with windbags found in swarthy stature snap on tool guys :)

Kevin: Your description of depreciation is acknowledged. However, is there a gain to be had if you buy a vehicle outright and keep it for say.....8-9-10 years? It would seem to me that once the vehicle is paid for, then time DEFINITELY becomes an asset...factoring in interest....and also, that once the lease is up, you must make arrangements for a newer vehicle with notes all over again for a specified period...and again..etc. Maybe I'm way off, but, from where I see it, the way to go is to save in a credit union as much as one can, and then buy the vehicle outright. Finance the terms at an easy rate, BUT.. then you prepay with no penalty. Credit Unions charge simple interest....a real financial bargain compared to other financial institutions.

I bought my 1997 Toyota T100 new.....paid $12,600 down and financed the rest for 12 months at credit union simple interest rates. I paid it off in less than a year and have been driving it free since August 1998. The truck is pristine and I plan on keeping it till it gives me trouble. Seems to me that of every month that I have no note(plus interest), I'm WAY ahead! Leasees have to turn in their vehicles(under milage restrictions) and start all over again. Seems like a never ending debt to me. What have I missed?

My older brother bought an '88 Acura Legend on lease. He put far too much milage on it to turn back in so he ended up buying it. It had over 120,000 at the end of a 3 year lease. This is an extreme example, but show what can go wrong with a lease. He should have not leased knowing the milage he put on the car during the year. He ended up paying $42,000 for a $22,000 car(round figures)....spread out over 8 years. Not good financial planning in my book.

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Why buy new? No matter how you look at it, buy or lease, a new vehicle is a looseing situation. get a 98 0r 99 model with low miles and save some cake.

You have to be real careful with the dealer you choose. I know that you can get a supercrew for less than 31K. I will check at work tomorrow and see what kind of deal I can get. To compare apples to apples, let me know what options and drivetrain you were considering. Alot also depends on the lease rates, they seem to change weekly.I paid less for my 01 F-150 than I did for my 99, because the lease rates were better.Let me know.


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Mike: I totally agree that buying vehicles is a sure-fire losing investment. As far as buying a used vehicle, that makes me very nervous because I have no way of knowing how the previous owner took care of said vehicle. I definitely agree that that would be a wiser financial move, but I just can't bring myself to buy a used truck.

To show you how fanatical I am, when I bought this truck, I wouldn't allow anyone to drive it to come pick me up on the day I was to take delivery. I insisted that someone come in a demo for me. I don't allow anyone else to drive my vehicles. I'm getting married in a few months and will have to get beyond this obsession.....and I will. She has her own car so hopefully, I can keep her from behind MY wheel as much as possible... :)

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