Dual sport electronis on a 2000 xr 600

Hello all, newbie here. I have a 2000 xr 600r that I picked up awhile back and am considering converting to a dual sport as my riding bud has a KTM 400EXC that currently is. I have just ordered a moose 2 x 100w stator from dennis kirk and a TRX style handle bar switch for directionals, horn, high / low beam. I have a rear taillight that has 3 wires so that I can run a brake light and the rear brake switch also. My question really revolves around the directionals. I was thinking of mini stalks, and was wondering if any of you know of a site or thread that addresses wiring up directionals with flashers and such, or maybe a schematisc as I can understand those (I'm a phone man).

Also is there a good place to mount these kind of directionals on the bike. I'm pretty pumped up to go blasting by all of my usual Harley riding brethern on this thing when I'm done with it. And from what I have read on this site the 600R seems like a good choice for a ds conversion. Thanks for your help.


back to the top, can anyone help?!

Take a look at the baja designs website. They have online schematic wiring diagrams for the dual sport kits that they sell. It should give you a place to start.

The Baja Designs headlight is a good unit. Much better than the stock headlight assembly. It uses an H4 bulb so you have a wide selection of bulb wattage.

I have a modified older Baja Designs kit. I also have the dual output stator. One coil uses an AC regulator and only runs the headlight. I run a 90/110 watt bulb. It is very bright.

The other coil goes to the DC regulator. The DC output runs everything else on the bike.

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