threaded hot start nut

hello , just fooked the hot start plastic nut going into the carb, orderd a alloy nut , just wondering how to fit the new nut, any ideas, cheers:mad: :confused:

Old one just slides right off with a little force.

I just put one on my 05 from Zipty racing. It goes on easy. The plunger just unhooks from the end of the cable and the old nut slides off the end and the new one slides on. Just make sure the plunger goes all the way down, mine was kind of sticky and I had to push it down with a stiff wire. You can tell by pulling the hot start lever to see if it feels right. The mechanic at the dealer messed mine up by trying to rotate the carb to put in a diffrent pilot jet, think they'd know better!!!

:confused: hope the thick so call mechanic paid, these nuts are a relly bad design, cheers for the help

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