stock fuel tank filter on IMS 4.0?

I just purchased a second hand IMS 4.0 for my XRL 650. I was hoping to use the stock Honda internal gas tank filter but it will not fit into the IMS tank fitting. I was thinking about drilling out the IMS fitting to allow it to accommodate the filter but I thought I would check with you folks to see if anyone else has addressed this issue. Is everyone simply using an external filter?

Any thought? - thx Tim

I have the same tank. The stock petcock and filter fit without issue. I do also run a filter in the line as well.

My stock screen fit just fine. It was a snug fit, and I had to sort of twist a little as I pushed it in but it worked. Getting the screen out of the old one was a trick though having to grab the bottom lip with pliers and gently pull it loose. Good luck!

Thanks guys.. You're right, it does fit. I was a bit hesitant to force the screen in thinking I would never get it out. My mic showed that it would be practically an interference fit. Evidently there was some tarnish build-up where the screen should go. I cleaned the inside surface plus a little extra (read: sanding) and the screen when in. Thanks for your help.


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