WR Front Wheel Help

Ok guys really in need of some help here, my WR400 has had a fairly long list of bits wrong with it, but i have managed to rectify the majourity of these but when it came to time to sort out the excess play in the front wheel bearings but after taking the front wheel off i have come unstuck. . . As you can see in the following pictures the bearing housing (also doubling up as the speedo drive from the front wheel) has cracked while also missing the retaining circlip, can anyone tell me what said part is called or any ideas as to what i can do?





There is no retaining clip...the bearings area light press fit...but that really doesn't help. I don't think you'll have any luck being able to repair that, as the basic bore looks to be opened up. Your best bet is going to be to look for a servicable unit on e-bay 400 and 426 units will work, as will YZ units if you don't mind giving up the odo or replacing it with something like a Trail Tech Endurance or Vapor.

I don't mind going with electro speedo or whatever, i just need a part number to chase, then i can get this thing rolling, it's been out of action for nearly two months now and i just want to play!

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