Raising the bar(s) - How high is too high?

The stock bar height on my 07 WR450 is way too low for me (6'3") when standing. I raised them up with 1 barclamp spacer and it's still too low. I'm considering 1 more which makes them 1 3/4" taller than stock. Question is how does this affect steering geometery, and do you think a stack of 2 additional spacers (under the bar) is strong enough for normal off-road (no track) riding?

I know I could go with a higher bar - that's option #2.


COrider63 Did your cables still all fit alright with that much rise?

hows this for high bars?


For me, nothing changed accept my comfort. Still feels the same while turning, jumping ect. I'm just a shade under 6'5".:confused:

Yes, all the cables were long enough. I rotated the throttle backwards so that the cables coming off of the throttle partially protect the Start button. (I have seen several of these cheap Yamaha push buttons disintegrate if anything gets dragged across them. I did the street conversion at the same time, so I think I ended up moving the kill button a little closer to the center of the bars.

Hey C333, how many different pieces make up your spacers? And where did you purchase them?

That's just what I need! I was going to have to buy longer bolts anyway. Thanks!

That's just what I need! I was going to have to buy longer bolts anyway. Thanks!

Glad I could help. May I now direct your attention to my gas can. J/K I've had 'em on my bike for a while now and I've had no problems yet.:confused:


20 bucks man you can't go wrong. It comes with an assortment of bolts for whichever combination of spacers you use.

Damn. I wish I would've waited, I bought a set of risers today off ebay. Spent $26 shipped, but not adjustable like that set.


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