Newbie Tire /choice /mounting /dealer Questions

imho, they are the best for the area that i live in. Them ot the M12 by michelin. But i have used both and money was tight soi had to buy a cheap tire. So i got a cheng shin 755. It is for hard terrain but that is what i ride. But we have hit the sand and hit the loose dirt and you know what i am pretty impressed. Plus it was only 32 dollars shipped to my door from rockey mountian ATV. I know some guys dont like them but, our bikes generate so much power and torque that they are spinning alot no matter what tire you have on there so why not spinn off a cheap tire instead of an expensive one. I Buy three cheap for the price of one 756 at motion sports here locally. And for me it is lasting longer then the M12 did. But that is my own opinion.

sorry i suck at typing.

and a few more things. Take out one of the tire stops. Makes things easier. And here is the address for Rocky mountian.

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Dunlop D739's are great on hard pack and rock. They last quite some time on the big blue torquemaster.

I get my tires from

They had free shipping last time I ordered and I havent seen better prices than them.

I got a D755 (front) and a D739 (rear) for $120 even.

rockey mountian is cheaper. plus they only charge like 5-8 dollars per tire. The other place charges a flat 10 dollars. But do what you want.

Yea, lewichris is right. Since the last time I ordered from them they have upped the price on shipping.

Still not bad on the prices though. Most online tire dealers you will find to be very close in price.

They don't widely advertise it, but Dennis Kirk will be any tire price by a buck. Shipping is free if your order is over $100, and only $5 if less than that. You just have to see if they carry the tire that you want.

Greetings All,

Im looking for some good recommendations for tires for my 01 WR426. I still have the stockers on there right now but they are pretty much gone at this point. I ride in New England, mostly trail riding over rocks, roots, hardpack with the occasional sandhill. I have heard good things about the Dunlop 756's(?) and am thinking of going that route, but wanted to see what you guys had to say about it first.

In addition, im also looking for a good place to get them. My local dealers prices are outrageous for sportbike tires and from what I know so far, the same goes for Dirtbike tires. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I have no farmiliarity with dirtbike tire mounting etc. as this is my first. I know with the streetbike I usually take em to the shop and it involves balancers, irons, weights etc. However I'm pretty sure I can do the WR tirechange in my own garage. Any specific tools Ill need or tricks I should know? How do you balance them, or do you?

I apologize if these are questions that have been answered 10000 times, I did do a search first but came up with lots of topics, just none really answering these questions directly. Any thoughts comments flames etc. greatly appreciated :)

Thanx TT'ers!


I don't like the 756's on hardpack but they are better on damn near everything else.

I order tires from Good selection, fast service, and no exorbitant shipping fees.

Here's a link for tire change tips (no weights or balancing necessary): click here

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For rock, roots, gravel etc. The IRC Volcanduro VE33's do a really good job and last longer than any tire Ive used yet.

try michelin S12's. I use them in rocky terrain, they wear well for a soft compound.

Thanks for the info all :) I appreciate it :D . I just ordered a stock sized rear M12 from Rocky Mtn. should be here in a week. I decided Ill probably swap over to dual S12's this summer but since Ill probably be riding on (more then likely) still frozen tundra in the near future, go with something a little more on the hard side, and stick with my stocker up front.

I did get some levers and stuff though, 2 of the ty davis ultimates and 2 Motion Pro 8.5's. I figure the more the merrier right? I also spied a neat bead breaker/keeper from Motion Pro, it hooks onto a spoke and you use your foot to press down and then wedge it under the rim? Anyone use this and have any thoughts? It seems nice but It cost more then 2 irons so I went the cheaper route (this time) but if its worth it, maybe Ill have to get one :D

Thanks again guys, I appreciate it!


nope you have to be walikg down the street and trip on the dunlops guy's dunlop. then he feels guilty so he gives you a dunlop and gives you a flag........

pretty sure that is it. Or your dad owns the arena. either one

I was just getting ready to order some tires and decided I would go ahead and get that bead buddy thing that you mentioned as well.

A few months back I was flagging at the SX here in Phoenix and I watched the Dunlop factory guy changing tires in the pits. He used one of those and I watched him slip a rim with the tube already around it right into a new tire like he was slipping on his socks. I'm sure alot of it is technique, but that little gadget seemed to help.

Originally posted by neWRiver:

A few months back I was flagging at the SX here in Phoenix and I watched the Dunlop factory guy changing tires in the pits.

Just exactly how do you get to be a flag guy? Do you have to know someone?

Hmm...sounds nice :) I may have to contact RMATV again I guess :D

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