Aftermarket radiators for the 426???

I looped my bike doing a 4th gear wheelie, and destroyed my left radiator. Does anyone know who makes an aftermarket radiator, or am I stuck with ebay?


Theres a company that repairs these radiators for real cheap. Send them the mangled mess and get a warranty'd working radiator back.

I haven't had to use them, but will should I trash mine.

Hey awesome... I think I will call them!

I just got mine back from them and it looked great. Sent it on a Monday and got it back the next Monday. Really simple to deal with.

Myler's is definately the shiz-nit! They've done both the left and right on my son's WR250 from two different get offs. Quick turn, 35 bucks for one, and 60 for the other (had a seam leak they had to fix), and both bolted right up. These guys are top notch!

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