Keihin Bowl Question

Hey, Icalled a friend of mine today and he told me because it was intermitant and the bike ran hard through all the gears before,the valees were not the issue.He said also if the stator was bad the bike would not run.Same for the pulse alt. However he did say :on the big bore singles due to vibration the common problem is the lead off the stator is soldered on and in many cases he has seen the solder joint crack which would give the hit-miss run issue.He said to check the solder joint and where the wire comes out of the case.He also said go through all the connections and make sure the pins are good and the wire is well fixed into the connector,also check all ground connections for corrosion.So it is going to be a one wire at a time venture.The head light is very bright so that also says the stator is good-right?The popping can be due to the bad electricial connection ( intermitant )?Hopfully i can ride the bike soon.I ordered the honda manual from honda but they said it takes one month or so because they have to print it and assemble it.Oh he also said the sparkplug cap is to have no more than 3 OHMs res. if more replace.I could not write the things down fast enough he told me so i will do these things and if no luck i will call him again !The one thing i did not want is what i have:another project !but hey thanks for all the input,THUMPER TALK is the greatist thing going where people can,and are willing to help others.Hopfully some day i can be of help to someone here as well.After this XR ifeel i will beable to help a lot of others,Thanks for everything....danny v:thumbsup:

HEY GUYS, Im back. I just installed a ign. control module.Runs much better now.It idles good but when i blast down the street and back off the gas it shuts off,than it starts right up first kick? main jet 160,idle jet 65,one and one half turn out on the mix screw.carb is clean,tank is clean and new gas. any tghoughts ? pulse gen ? the light is on brite, stator ? i am at sea level.

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