Old News but still relevant--2007 WR Air Filter Hole

Hi all,

Don't want to rehash old news, but thought it important to remind those who recently bought a new 2007 WR250/450 to check the air filter cage for the hole....

I bought a new 07 250 for my wife and my buddy just picked up a 450...went riding this weekend and while reading the "performance mod" thread was reminded to check for the hole...guess what?!...both bikes had them...the frigging dealer prepped them out the door and delivered them to us with a grade a hole!

Anyway, did a fix with silicone and a cut of plastic from a coffee can lid...and will chew the dealers ass out tomorrow when i order the fixed cage...

So, once again...information management matters....Regards, KS

Thanks for posting this again as it's pretty important stuff. Just so y'all know, this bulletin is posted in the FAQ, something I feel should be required reading for all newbies and new bike buyers. I update it somewhat regularly, whenever I feel a new topic has been posted frequently enough to include it. Also, when board members request something be included, I look at it, compare it against the number of times it's been queried and then decide. Please keep your suggestions coming as I'd like to make the WR4XX board the most comprehensive part of TT if I can help it. Thanks...SC

Although I have sold my WR, I still frequent this site.....I think every dealer that sells a bike should point the buyer in this direction first and foremost......thanks for the effort to all those involved.

Thanks for the refresher. I have an 07 and had ridden it 4-5 times before I discovered that some bikes had the whole- mine being one of them. Just called the dealer and said fix it. They said that I could bring in the bike and have them do it or they could give me the part and I could do it. Being a man of 'principal' I am having them do it- if they were not going to inform me about the hole in the first place, then they can spend their time and money on my bike.

I recognize that the WR models are merely two of many on any given Yamaha dealership floor, but the fact that this is still happening is pretty pathetic. I'll stop with that lest I violate the revamped profanity guidelines.

If you haven't fixed your's, here's the method I used FYI (copied from a previous thread on the same topic that also follows below). By the way, I haven't replaced mine since I wrote this in April - to do so would require actually having to go to a dealership again... :confused: MG

Here's how- used a combination of a 3" wood dowel down the center of the hole with a small screw in the end of it (as a wedge/anchor). First, drilled a small pilot hole in the end of the dowel after filing edges clean. Then pulled the dowel down into the cage about 1.5" and tightened screw (dowel now anchored with no way for screw to bypass dowel). Then sealed with silicone in top 1.5" up to where wire ring holds filter in place- air tight and not going anywhere until I eventually get it replaced. Many have simply filled entire hole with silicone, which probably works just fine. I just elected to add the extra step to ensure the silicone doesn't break free... and so I could have one more beer in my garage.


Thanks for the tip, it saved me from a costly rebuild.I cannot belive that got by the enginers. 2007 WR 450 street legal,165 jet,grey wire disconnect,throtle stop removed,fmf speed,15 tooth front sprocket.105mph+Still great in the trails

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