Clutch Perch Adjuster

The clutch adjuster is frozen, the one with the rubber boot over it, on my 2005 450. It can be turned with pliers but it almost feels like it is stripped and does not help with the free play of the clutch. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? Also what is the wire coming out of the clutch perch? Thanks in advance. :confused:

You can disassemble the clutch perch very easily. All the parts come apart.

My suggestion is you pull the clutch out, and use some WD40 or the likes to free it up.

I just had mine apart on the weekend when I lubed the cables. :confused:

The wire coming out of your clutch perch goes to the ignition wires behind the headlight - it is a safety cutout switch for the starter circuit. If you're not in neutral, the clutch has to be pulled in for the starter motor to engage. Try it and you'll see.

Thanks for the info. I took it apart as suggested and claened it up and it works as smooth as silk. :confused:

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