HELP! 2004 XR650R CRacked Frame/Big Rock

:confused: Hello. I have a 2004 XR650R Aluminum Frame. I hit one big rock today on a dualsport ride. I cracked the frame and literally took the weld off of the frame at the lower left side next to the left it is starting to crack. First question? Can these frames be re-welded? Tig or are they heat treated. I have a 24Hr race to do at the end of the month. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. ThanksDSCN3216.jpg

There have been a few discussions here about the Aluminum frames. The consensus was that it is weldable and does not require post welding heat treating. Do some searches for this thread. It was not too long ago.

:confused: I am glad to hear that. I will look thanks. Here's another pic.


And every one that I ride with makes fun of my huge aftermarket skid plate.HA

What brand do you have and what coverage does it give? Thanks

did you feel it??lol

Weld it. (by someone who knows what he is doing)

My buddie did the same thing.

Held on very well.

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