2007 wr450 fork settings

I'm going to be putting new fork seals in my '07 and want to know what you recomend for fork oil level and weight. I weigh about 180 without gear and race xc's occasionally. Usually top 3 in open expert. I know i should probably have it revalved but thats out of the question for a while( I can do the seals myself). Anyways I'm thinkin a higher oil level will help with bottoming but not sure how far to go there. Thanks for the help.

in order to get rid of the bottoming you have to revalve there is a spring in the valve body you need to get rid of that lets the oil blow through on a med to hard hit. stock oil is 135mm i run mine at 115mm 7wt. had the same problem.


The wr 450's front forks suck for everthing except for low speed rocky rooty stuff. We had to change to YZ fork internals as well as stiffer springs. We then had to revalve the YZ stack to make them softer on the initial part of the stroke. Now they work like magic. Not quite as good for the low speed rocky rooty sections, but for everything else they work awesome.

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