Trail Report: Dunlop 756

At first I was sketchy about getting another Dunlop after my 952 only lasted about 5 rides before getting so chunked up it was the equivalent of a slick. However, the 756 has turned out to a an entirely different beast.

So far, I've ridden about 200 miles strictly off-road in some of the nastiest eastern washington trails which consist of mud, slick roots, and more baseball-basketball sized rocks than I'd care to ride through. Ever heard of the expression 'rock field'?



Anyway, after 200 miles of riding through this, the 756 has not chunked yet, and has hooked up amazingly well in the slick snot, and through all the snow higher up. Plus, my pig is more than 'uncorked'...

So far, the 756 gets :confused: :confused: from me.

+1 on the 756. It is my favorite all around tire for the rear. However, it does come with a downside. It doesn't last very long. On my 600 it still had decent traction even when very worn. That is the problem with them though, they get worn quick. It was costing me too much to buy a new tire every month. Like every tire the life is closely related to how much throttle you like to use. These days I'm running a Maxxis desert IT on the rear. Not as good traction, but much longer life.

I tried a 952 up front and while the tire is not worn very much, almost all the side knobs are torn off from the rocks that I ride through. Somehow it doesn't have very good traction anymore.

thats all i have been running for the last couple of years, in racing they wear alot faster than a desert it but they hook up way more than any other tire ive tried so for me id sacrafice wear for traction


I have 756 on my YZ250 and like it alot,BUT after my supermoto on it its all Fudged up LOL Good tires but your never really gonna get the best of both worlds in traction and longetivite Sucks.

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