New here what to buy?

Hi all, great forum.:confused:

Was looking into getting back into trail riding after many years.

I'm looking at a wr 450 now the question is there much of a differance between the 06s and 07s? {both un corked] I found a new 06 for a great deal. or a 250 instead for medium trail riding.

I'm 5'9" and 260 and I want useable power down low.Top speed is not important.Thanks.

Hey WR,

IMO..... The WR is the best trail bike on this good earth. Right out of the crate, uncorked or not. The 06 will make you very happy for a good price. Go with the 07 if you can? The Al frame hadles even better than the 06 and earlier also has a lower center of gravity which is a big plus for tight stuff. I have an 05 and will hold on to it till maybe 2010. 5' 9" and 260, don't get less than the 450. You wont be un-happy. :confused:

For your weight get the 450. I have an 06 and that bike kicks ass.

450 all the way!!

I'm sure you'll see this around here, but the '07 has a LOT of changes from the '06. Go with the latest and greatest if you plan to keep it a while. Dealers in the midwest are selling '07 450's for just under $6K right now - that seems like screaming deals to me...

ditto 07 450. you wont regret it.

i went from a 99 to a 07 and love everything about the 07 in comparison on any terrain. the 99 is still alive and kicking still even after me brutallizing it in offroad races and motocrossing it. either way you'll be getting a great bike that will last you along time but from 99-06 not much happened and then there was the 07... and it was good. (insert the voice of God on that last

Thanks guys,The wrs look to have the best package.

How is the reliabilty on the modern higher revving 4 strokes?

Does the 450 have good lowend lugging power?

I am looking to ride more than wrench and want a bike that will last unlike the 2 strokes I used to ride.

This site has so much info thanks WR Dave.:confused:

You could lug the bageebies out of it and never stall. I like trail riding myself and really enjoy the lowend technical single track stuff. The WR never failed me once. Took a little getting use too after cutting the grey wire cuz it wanted to stall more, but took me all of about 15-minutes to understand the new stall limit. Now it's the bomb.:confused: The wr just loves the slow mid-high tech rides. Hey, some guys even motocross the wr. An all around perfect bike. I was told the WR forks are kicked slightly more foreward than the YZ for handeling. Change the oil and filter after every three rides, clean the air filter after every ride, lube the bearings after every dozen rides or so and never pick up a wrench to make repairs for several years.:confused: She's bullet proof.......

Thanks Dube , how much of a differance does the grey wire mod make?

I have soooo much to learn.

Hey wr,

I understand it changes the wr to a yz type ignition. I'm not really sure of the logostics of the entire thing but pretty sure it gives a better throttle responce which turns to torque and HP as a whole. The grey wire just goes to ground of the frame, so all you are doing is disconnecting the ground wire that will not hurt the wr at all. Again, it changes it to a YZ. All I did to mine was the grey wire, AIS removal kit, zipty fuel mixture screw and uncork the pipe. It needs a new pipe but I'm really happy with the power I have for now. My bike just runs and runs and runs. Very little maintenance. GO WR, wr.

I just ordered a new bike 2008 WR250X Supermoto Street. Have you seen it? Nice bike, wish it was a 450, but maybe 2010 we'll see one.

Because a new job and moving this past summer, I've not ridden since february, we are going to Barstow this weekend and not sure if I could fit into my gear:cry: No riding means more lb's. Not real happy about that but it will be nice to get some dirt in my face again. :confused:

Good Luck Choosing, IMO:prof: 03-08 WR you can't go wrong.

More power = more better. So it doesn't affect the low end?cool

Used to ride old ITs 250 465 a yz 490 for a bit

but I think i'll be surprised. Haven't seen the new wrx maybe you could post some pics?

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