South Carolina Riders....

Gonna Race the Big Buck GNCC on the 7th of April. Anybody in the area recommend a good tire selection for the Cross Anchor Area...Running 756's Front and Rear right now, They literally sucked at the Macon GNCC because of the wet kalin and the Clay....


Bonzai :)

I don't know exactly where cross anchor is but I guess red georgia clay is the same where ever it is. I live in N. Augusta, SC , both me and my buddy on his drz-400 run the 756 up front but nuttin but the S-12 on the rear. We both switched from the 756 rear and we'll never go back. It really digs and throws roost like a mofo. We also rid in the white kaolin type clay and the tire does really good.


I hear a lot of guys around here loving the S-12 in clay. My 400 has one and we rode in wet clay yesterday - thought it did better the 756.

For Macon - I heard nothing worked well - slick fest!!!


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