Does the baja kit increase value?

Hi all!

Unfortunately I need to sell my pig.

Its a 2003 XR650R with the baja kit.

I was wondering if the baja kit increases the sale value of the bike.


By Baja kit, I guessing you mean turn signals, brake light, DOT headlight, etc. That doesn't really add value. If you have that and street registration then it boosts it about $1000 as far as I can tell from looking at the ads for used bikes.

The reason for the added value is the plate. California stopped dirt to street conversions in 2004, but the older conversions are grandfathered in.

Did you get the plate prior to Feb. 2004?

Yes, I got the plate prior to Feb. 2004.

Registration paid, however since then, the registration expired about two years ago.

Thx guys. I understand the reasoning now... its not the actual add-ons, its just the legality of them.

If you can re register and still plated here in CA hell yes it will make it more valueable. check into that and then price accordingly

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