06 yz 450 street legal got some ?s

ok i did a search and found a lot of information but just got a couple questions

1. now i no nobody makes a kit for the yz 450 but i did read somewhere of putting a 06 WR450 stator on but I will have to use the wr's side case and flywheel. would this work and would it cause any probs with my motor at all. now i no putting a side case on is not hard but is there anythingelse i would have to do beside just bolting it up and wiring it.

2. if i cant do that had anybody made a stator for the 06 yz 450 that is over 50 watt. i no looking at some of the post i did a search on that NOBODY made one but has that change since.

3 what else would i need to get this bike running with head light and a tail light. not to worried about blinkers cuz ill just use hand singles but would put blinkers on if its not a huge deal to put on.

also any other information would be great.

thanks guys

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