E-Series Quiet Core

Never mind. I made the mistake of not checking archives first! Oops! :D:):D

[ March 20, 2002: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

Let me start over. Would anyone be interested in trading a stock WR(American) exhaust system for a White Brothers E-series? Thanks, Paul

Yes I would...

PM Me and lets discuss

Bonzai :)

damn it yamakazee always gets the good deals. First the power bomb header now the white bro's e series. What next a free IMS 3 gallon yz tank and seat. Well if any one has a power bomb header that they want to sell let me know.

Quick...Somebody call a WAAMBULANCE..... I though you were to beat up to ride?

Bonzai :)

beat up but not to beat up. that was a month ago. i have pretty much healed. Wanted to try a power bomb though. How do you like yours. Didi it make a difference?

The word MAJOR is a good description. My Mid Range literally exploded when I installed it. Low end Torque RIP's. It finally got to the point where I can throw my WR around at will by just manipulating the throttle instead of muscling it and wearing myself out early.

I would recommend it with the e-series without hesitation. I'm getting ready to pick up a 99 YZ400 for my son, That why I jumped so quick.

Bonzai :)

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