White Bros Pipe on a 426

I just put a new white bros. E2 on my 426 as I am riding it in an enduro race in a few weeks and need to get below 96db. I fired it up and all is good but it didn't sound too much different. Has anyone else use an E2 on a 426 and been below 96db? Also I just put on the Cycra probends and they look awesome! Thanks guys.

Good luck. I don't know of an after market WB that is going to get you below 96DB. I have a WB E-Series shorty on mine and it is way loud. My guess around 100-102. My guess is that with an E2 you are down to around 98 at best. I finally ended up getting the Pro Moto Billet End cap and silencer to quiet things down. The PMB works well & is quiet (96 and below) as long as you have the silencer packed well. Not a huge perfomance loss from the WB but a little noticeable. Not sure what it is about the 426's. They just seem to be louder over the 450's no matter what. Probably due to the silencers not being the newer technology since they are older bikes. Maybe it is just me....


I called them (WB) and they told me that it would be below 96 but we'll see! I'll post a reply once I know for sure what it runs at.

I too am running the E-series on my 426 and it's ear splitting. I think i'm running around 5 disks and I just re-packed it. I get looks at the dunes. The straight pipe running 16 year old :applause::D in me loves the noise. But the conservation minded grown up that doesn't want to piss off my neighbors that I am has been looking on ebay for a stock pipe for some time.

Good luck


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