Dirt (no mud) in the carburator

:confused: I was having problems with the idle on my 400 so I decided to take the carb apart to give it a good cleaning. When I took the cover off the top where the slide is housed, I found a desturbing amount of dirt in and around the slide. Does anyone know how dirt gets into that chamber since the gasket was in good shape with no apearent leaks. I change the air filter quite often so that's not the problem.

There are only a few ways to get dirt in this area. Please forgive me for this first one, Are you properly oiling the filter, I just got through working on a bike with a brand new twin air filter that had never been oiled. The dust goes right to the carb. the other would be seal around air box and rubber tube going to the carb, maybe even a crack in the rubber not visible. Might take it off and flex it while looking for cracks. Good Luck!

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