Radiator Damage?

For those who have damaged a radiator:

I just had mine repaired at Fontana Radiator. They did a first-class job with a unit that appeared unrepairable after my crash. They also modify tanks and fabricate tank extensions if you ask nicely. Address is:

17635 Arrow Blvd

Fontana, Ca 92335

Phone: (909)822-8737

ask for Jeff or Eric

What was the cost + shipping?

Cost was $60. I hand delivered since they are within 50 miles and I wanted to discuss with them first. Also gave me an excuse to drop in on Chaparral Motorsports.

This was well worth the cost. Jeff does first class work on these with the heliarc. He will tell you if he cannot fix. New radiator is nearly $300.



This is off-topic but I was in HB this past fall for the Elsinore GP and I went to the Crab Cooker restraunt. Ever been there?

And if so, can you send me 20# of the biggest, juciyest, king crab legs they have.

That place is awesome!!


Crab Cooker is actually in Newport Beach. Yeah, we go maybe 3-4 times a year. Their Manhattan clam chowder is the best. I'm having some tonight, in fact. I could be convinced to send crab legs. How much money you got? <grin>


:) Youre right Dan. I got my beaches mixed up. You will have to excuse me, as I'm a ozarkian-foreigner.

If I remember correctly, the King legs were around $40.

Well worth it, but I dont think it would be the same unless I was there again.

I had the clam chowder also when I was there. 1st rate!!!

Thanks for the offer though!


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