yz 426 clutch and cam

I have a 2000 yz 426 with the grabby clutch problem and stock exhaust cam. I have read the post a few times about replacing with 01 clutch parts. My question is would it be better to buy a complete kit from aftermarket or what(ebay?). I also want to swap out exhaust cam but my buget only allows one or the other. I think the bike starts good now but I raced a harescramble last sunday and stalled once on a hillclimb and was hard to start off balance and in gear. I might not of stalled if I didnt have a clutch that was like an on off switch. I just want to know what would be most important to you all. Thanks

Maybe 00YZ426FMRCD will chime in on this (or you could PM him). He has done both mods to his 426 and can probably tell you which one made the most difference. I'd probably do the 01 clutch mod first.

If my clutch was that bad, so would I.

Should I use Yamaha parts on clutch or aftermarket?

I would go with the clutch mod first... imo, other than a little easier starting there are no "real" benefits of doing the cam mod.

And I would go with OEM, if it were me.

Should I use Yamaha parts on clutch or aftermarket?
OEM will work fine. I don't care for the aftermarket clutch kits other than Hinson or GYT-R.

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