Red Sticker Season

Here in Cal it's Almost the hated Red Sticker Season. In fact I think March 15th was the first day of the season at Ballinger. I would hate to drive 2 hours only to be turned away because of a red sticker. Anyone ever been cited or turned away from a riding area because of their red sticker? I am think of getting some Vermont plates so I can ride without worries all year round.


I think I remember your handle from a couple of months ago. Buying a WR if I remember correctly. If so CONGRATS. If not, have patience and your bike will come.

Could you, or someone let me know what the green and red stickers I've read about in California means. If I chose to travel there to ride a national forest trail, would I need to get one, or does being a visitor exempt me? I would suppose some bikes get the good and some get the bad color, due to type?



Here in Cal some offroad bikes made after 98, I think, may be issued a red sticker. The 426 is one of the red sticker bikes. Basically it has to do with air quality regulations. What that means is that bikes with the red sticker can only ride during certain months of the year. It depends on air quality in the particular area you wish to ride. In some places it is ok to ride a red sticker bike year round. They are few and far between. If you do a search on the net for red sticker you might find the schedule for each riding area. I don't know about out of state bikes. I think at certain areas you may be required to pay a small fee to ride an out of state bike. Since your ride dosen't have a red sticker I would think you just pay your fee, if required, and go ride. I picked up a new 01 426 in Jan. of this year. As you already know they are great bikes. Hope this helps. Later.

Here is a link to the California Air Resources Board red sticker propaganda page:

I just love the "Mile-for mile, unregulated 2-stroke off-highway motorcycles create smog forming emissions equal to 118 new cars" part. Maybe someone should tell them that these are 4-stroke motorcycles.

Why don't they tell us how much smog forming emissions Gray Davis?s jet creates as he is flying around the state campaigning for re-election?


I believe that if you get vermont plates,you will still need a out of state visitors pass(like a green sticker)to ride.April 31 is the last day to ride at gorman.I was thinking of sending my application to vermont as well,but after talking with the guys at baja designs,they said that the dmv has cracked down,and you can't transfer to cal plates after 90 days.So i think all you can do is get the vermont plate and go to a dealership to get a visitors pass.

tp3dxf - just go somewhere without "authorities" at the gates... or somewhere without gates like the wide open deserts maybe. BTW, the dirty VIN's started in 2000 model bikes, with some '00's still having clean numbers, although these are rare as very few snuck thru. All '99's and earlier are clean VIN-wise anyway.

huskyrider - green is good, red is communist, but those are california programs, I don't know about out of state bikes, but if you have no plates/stickers of any CA variety, you'll prolly be treated as any "evil do'er" by the "authorities", in state or otherwise. Out of state plates would prolly help alot. I've never seen these visitor pass thingys.

BigDesto - &%$#@! did Baja Designs say??? I hope what you're reporting boils down to having to xfer WITHIN the 90 days. A certain desirable loophole here used to exploited by waiting 91 days to xfer. Could you please elaborate on this for us??? As the law here in CA reads, you only have 10 days to register out of state vehicles. This could be a critical finding so any details you can share could be very useful. If DMV is really refusing to CA plate VT vehicles, this is good news. Please post what you know, the '00 and newer crowd would love to know I'm sure.

Big-g, call up baja designs and ask to speak with jeremy,he is the one that gave me this info.I don't want to waste my money on a kit,just to have it turned down by the dmv.As far as i know they say to wait after 90 days to try and change the plates from vermont to cal.Bottom line is this sucks! :)

BigDesto - I know exactly how you feel. I went thru this same **** trying to pick my bike too. As you can see, I went with a used '99 to save a bit of money and a lot of potential BS. That 90 day rule relates to a law that decides which state gets to charge you sales tax on your bike. Its a lengthy explanation but the rule is 10 days on the xfer. If you'd like to go into this further, search for posts on this subject or by my user name, I've spent some time posting on this and I think all bases have been covered by all who replied or posts as such...

Anyway, you should go forward with your VT plates. I believe you'll be okay once you get it plated anywhere. By law, you must xfer by 10 days, any out of state vehicle. Thus, if DMV refuses to plate you in state, you can just keep what ya got. BD may be right about the 90 day trick, but the only consequence to not pulling that off is a couple hundred in taxes. Yes a waste of good money, but better that than no plates.

I know that there are some on this board who've done this, maybe search them out or post a new topic. Heck, I'll do it for ya, I wanna know too.

If you want to do some homework, go to DMV and pose the question to them about buying out of state vehicles. DO NOT feed them any info that you're doing a dirtbike conversion anything, just say motorcycle or streetbike or vehicle.

I have heard that they cannot legally enforce the red sticker rules until all the parties that be, get their act togeather. The rangers up here in Nor Cal have stated that they will not enforce the ruling because of the conflicting info that is out there and if a ranger does enforce it, you can than legally challenge it. Further research and knowing your rights will get in the park. You may want to make some calls to the OHV etc regarding your right to ride.

Mike in Roseville

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