XR600 Stator rewind question

My 98 XR600 is an absolute pig to start when cold, I am lucky if it starts with 15 - 20 mins continuous kicking so always opt for a bump start, when warm it's pretty good but I think could be better.

I have tried all of the various starting techniques and none are really effective, I think I have got the jetting about right, once it's going it runs very well and I have played with the fuel screw and don't want to upset it unnecessarily.

I lot of people say the stator can play havoc on starting and my plug does have a pretty piss weak spark so I have just removed the stator from the bike.

My question is - If I am to get the stator rewound, which coil/s do they rewind? Do they rewind all 11 or just the exciter coil (which one is the exciter coil? there are 2 slightly bigger coils than the rest) My knowledge in this department does not extend past actually pulling the stator from the bike. Any advice/info is appreciated.

To the best of my knowledge no one rewinds the exciter coil. They only rewind the lighting coil. That will not help your starting. If you want to rewind the stator you have to do it yourself. That's what I did almost 3 years ago. It's still working. One reason the I did it was that I already had a high output stator.

The exciter coil is only wound on two cores. One is wound clockwise and the other counterclockwise. A writeup about it is here http://www.crustyquinns.com/tech/stator.html It's about the earlier stators, but the same applies to the newer 2 exciter core stators.

If you just want to buy something, get a stator from www.rickystator.com It's only $130 for a replacement stator.

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