strret legal is the bike ok or to extreme??

I am thinking of buying a wr426,drz400 or a xr650r and make it street legal so i can drive it everyvere......

Is the wr426 to extreme to drive on the road vs the drz400 and the xr650r.

Can someone please give mi some advise on witch bike to buy.....

yelloe red or blue/the all seem so fine..

Is a ferrari to extreem to drive on the road v's a station wagon or a tractor?

With some of the folks in California getting their wr registrations revoked, the drz 's' model might be the best depending on where you are. Do a search on the posts here and you'll find all the info you need as this topic has been discussed ad nauseam.


I got my WR400F to put on the road, and I've never hadd so much fun in my life, however a few people are part-exing their WR for XR650'z for that reason.

I've ridden since beginning of last July about 12000 km with my 99WR. I bought it then and it was new. It's much more comfortable than the Hva TE410 which I had previously.

How much do you think you would be riding on the road? I think that a WR is too slow for road use. I've changed sprockets from stock (14/50) to 15/48 and still feel that engine is revving too high for continuous ride at 100 km/h. There's no room for a 16 front sprocket and even if there was, the first gear would be too tall (or whatever it is called). I'd trade my WR to an XR650R but they are not available in Finland. I'm planning to trade it to a KTM LC4 640E.

For short occasional rides on the road WR is fine.


I have a wr99 road plated here in CAnada. My gearing was 16/45 at the beginning and now is at 15/45. Even with 16/45 I was able to do most of the offroad I need. This is just a matter of habits to deal with low rpm in technical trail, the bike has plenty of torque for me. With 15/45, the bike can cruise at 120 km/h with really no problem. Max speed is around 160 km/h and this is a perfect dual sport bike if you want a light sport machine in city and in wood.

If you plan to do long travel or cruise for hundreds of kilometers on road, go with the xr650, which is a better bike for open area but not for a tight and sporty drive.

From what i have read, the WR should not be used as a primary form of transportation on pavement. I register dual sport but primarily to get from trai to trail. There is a post about engine braking and down shifting on pavement. it is said to be bad for the WR.

If you're really going to ride on the road - more than connecting trails - get a factory dual sport. I made the mistake of commuting on my '88 XR600 a couple of times, 30 miles each way, and swore I'd never do it again - I bought an '88 Katana 1100 shortly thereafter.

There are guys that Supermotard their WR's and XR650's but they are still toys.


I run mine on the street now. i have a 2001 wr426. as far as being too extreme, not at all. It could use a little more power in the midrange and top end. Get the xr650 if you want a better top end. Don't get me wrong though, I love riding this bike on the street.

I searched for street legal, but couldn't find anything so I was just wondering what all you need to make the wr street legal. Speedo, blinkers, special liscensing, etc.

check out Baja Designs, they should have all the parts and info you will need.

I love riding my WR400 on the street. It corners well on the high speeds stuff inless it's raining. I downed it once going slow in the rain. My knee still hurts... since christmas eve. or buy my FZR750RU 88 collectable race/street legal bike for $2500$ 0-60 in 3sec, top speed 160mph and a dirt bike

If you are going to get one for the street go with 15/45 gearing. I'm at 15/50 and semi trucks are passing me (it sucks).

how about a cbrf4i or a suzuki sv650s

I ride mine on the street (even got a personal rego plate to match!) the only problem I have it locking it up at the shops... I have a disc brake lock thingy, but would rather have more, perhaps a steering lock or ignition key as well...

It would not suit 100km's everyday commuting, but 30km's to the trail or some other place is fine... I take mine up to my kids' school when I go up for reading or craft sessions... the kids love it... they hear me coming...

Ride with your headlight on - more visible in any weather...


Hi fellow Swede!!

I have got a -00 XR650 for sale! it´s in very good condition! It even has a 23l. acerbis gas tank, so u don´t have to worry about running out of gas before your riding buddies!!! For the mix of both road, and offroad riding I think the XR650r is the best bike!!

One thing to consider is the weight of the bike. The 650 is great on the road but you better be a strong guy to man handle it on the trails. One of my friends made this mistake a few years ago when he purchased a 650 and it wore him out on the trails. He then purchase a KDX300 and rides both street and trails with it. It is much lighter so it will 'float' a little at higher speeds but that can be part of the fun! Be honest with yourself when figuring out which type of riding you plan on doing. The WR400/426 or DR400 can ride everywhere (trails, street and track) with plenty of power. The 650 would be difficult to ride on the trails and tracks if you are lacking strength like me.

I have had my 98 WR street legal since 98. I am running 15/46 gearing, which works fine on the street and first gear is still low enough for tight trails. I have had zero probelms with riding my WR on the street. The WR is not a good long distance street bike, an XR650R is a better street bike, but a bit heavy on a track or in the tight woods.

The old XR600/650l are even better street bikes because they have the most comfortable dirt-bike seat I have ever experienced, but they are getting old, and they are air-cooled.

Hope this helps.

Only problem with using any of these bikes on rd most of the time is rediculas gearing for the scrub. Maybe you need a raod bike???

For running to the trail head without trailering is great! I also use it around town, running back and forth to work, man you see the looks I get. I wouldn't do any long trips though, it would vibrate your "bearings" right off!

my street legal 01 wr426 is just for getting from trail to trail. It makes for a really crappy street bike w/dirt only 756s.(road legal dirt tires suck!) and trail gearing. Most if not all stock dual sport bikes have a dampend rear hub to keep the stifting and braking shock to the trans. at a minimum. My 95 KTM 620RXC was the best DualSport bike ever made.

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