08 YZ450F- Pulling the Trigger...(and DR.D TI or SS?)

Hey guys I am pulling the trigger wednesday on a YZ450F. Any last minute thoughts or something that is going to convice me otherwise?

Now its just whether or not the DR.D system is going to be a TI/TI or a ALUM/STainlessSteel. I just want to know what you guys think about the TI setups whether they are worth it. Be racing for sure....but still is it really worth it?

SS/AL system. Same system for ~$200 cheaper.

Also easier / cheaper to repair.

I got A Procircuit Ti GP system, that after extensive use, cracked the header pipe. I was lucky enough to get it Ti welded up where I work. They are very expensive to replace.

For durability SS seems like the way to go.......now is it really that much heavier?

Why not ride it a few times before you buy a pipe for it?:confused:

I am going with the durabule stainless/aluminium, post some feedback on your system, what ever your final choice is. I am undecided on which system i'm going to choose.

i got the SS/Alum and i love it. for example i had my bike on its stand with no swingarm no front forks just a frame and the motor and triple clamps and when walking by the bike i bumped into it and knocked it over on the pipe side. well the only thing to hit the ground first was my DR.D header and i was almost shitting my self. i thougth for sure it was crushed on my concret floor, well belive it or no i was surprise just to see it was a little marked up but no dent..

very strong stuff and its still lighter than stock.. o ya awesome power gains too.

I would have to agree! No reason to spend boo-koo bucks on a few ounces, for the possibility of a cracked header, or a easy dent. Save the bucks with the SS Dr. D!

I'm running an FMF 4.1 ti mid pipe and can with the stock header (which is Ti already I think). Big change in bottem end power. Low cost. 1.5 lbs lighter than stock.

You might consider just doing the slip-on, as the stock head pipe is really nice already.

Get a honda and than you can keep the stock pipe:thumbsup:

or go with the ss.

Alight I am going to take it on a testride/breakin tomorrow. I am going to buy the SS DR.D also before I ride.

You might consider just doing the slip-on, as the stock head pipe is really nice already.

I wonder how the bigger '08 header would go with an older model slip-on? I don't know if there is any '08 specific slip-on's out there yet?

I'm thinking a full system would have far greater benefits.

I have a 2008 yz450, the white one! But I called around and Dr. D and Yoshimura told me they are using the same 06-07 pipe as testing showed it worked great. White bros said they developed a new pipe cause they were not happy with the 07 pipe. So I ordered that, however it has been back ordered so many times I cancelled and got a yoshimura RS-2. My problem is I put it on last night but the yosh is smaller in diamater then the stock and it seems to seal okay, but I am worried about an air leak, is that a concern I should have? I called yosh they said it will be fine, but then starting asking me take pictures of the manifold and the stock pipe and new yosh side by side and email to them?? Why would they need these if they did all the testing? I am not to happy with Yoshimura and am trying to figure out my options here. What did you guys find when you put your 07 pipes on your 08's???? In response to the slip ons, I dont think you can, I tried my yosh would not slip over it

Your yoshimura will be fine, just ride it and give us a report. The build quality on the yosh is great and they are very durable pipes. They also allow you to run the stock heat shield which is nice.

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