600/650 slipon interchangability

Search somehwat and didnt really see much on this topic, so....does or has anyone had experience with fitting an xr650 slipon exhaust/muffler onto an xr600. What would be possible down falls to this setup? Could too much exhaust flow potentially hurt performance? I know some engines need a certain ammount of backpressure to operate effiecently so would this larger size displacment designed exhaust cause problems on a slightly smaller engine? I ask this simply becasue i see mopre used xr650 exhaust units that 600. also if anyone knows, what yeras fit what? your thoughts....

an xr650L slip on should fit and have no exhaust flow issues.

I put a FMF Q2 from a 650L on to my XR600 it bolted right on. They use the exact same exhaust.

The XR600 is the more powerfull of the two motors.

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