Insurance and Title questions

Hello TT members.

I'm new to the forum and so far have been only a street rider. I'm really into sportriding and motorcycle trackdays. Now I want to try dirt. I'm looking at a gently used 1999 WR400 that has a street legal title from Michigan. I live in Wisconsin. I'm asuming I won't have any problems transfering the title, but if any of you know of potential problems a heads up would be nice.

Also, assuming I do get the bike and a title and plates, what will the insurance company say. I called my agent's office and I'm waiting for a call back from him. Have any of you had experience trying to street insure a dirtbike?

I had no trouble getting my 2007 wr 450 insured .I just told the the vin make model and the size engine .full coverage for 1 year is 237 not too bad. you will have to get it to pass your state inspection . so if it needs anything to pass you'll have to add or fix it. as far as title because it was already titled for street use ,you should just have to transfer it and pay taxes and tags.

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