Oil Change, Where Are The Bolts

Well i have done about 700 miles (I know a little too much) on the '02 WR 400 and I'm gonna change the oil and filter this weekend. I have read there are three drain bolts but in the manual it isnt very clear where they are so am hoping someone can tell me, prefferably with pictures.

Also the manual states 1.4l if the filter is changed, is this what people recommend.

Last thing, is there anything else I should look out for?

Ta guys

go to you tube and type oil change on yamaha wr exelemt video:thumbsup:

Thanks mate am watching it now, my 400 doesnt have a filler on the side I am wondering is this the only difference? Are all of the rest of the bolts in the same place?


The bolts are everywhere! Sorry I'm not helping but changing oil on a WR is a pain! Also, don't you have a 426 or 450? Good luck!

nah mate mines the 02 400 (odd I know but its the european one) manages to find them, the one on the front centre of the frame, the one where the filter is and finally one underneath the bike throught the hole of the bash plate in the oil sump

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