Water pump impeller shaft??

I have seals leaking and have got new ones but in the process of installing them I noticed what I thought was a bad shaft. I got on ebay and bought another clutch cover with everything in it for the water pump because my impeller had a broken vein anyway. So I get the other one here and the shaft looks the same. NOW on the side with the threads it appears that the shaft is two sizes about 3/8" up looks to be smaller by about .015 - .020 of an inch. Is this how they are made or do I have two bad shafts?

Sorry for the long explanation.

If what you see is a shaft that is uniformly one size up to a point where it cleanly steps up to a uniformly larger size (the size difference is clearly a product of machine work rather than wear) then it's normal. I don't remember there being any such step, but if it's there then it was put there. They do have a machined, square edged groove in them.

OTOH, if the change in size tapers or has indistinct edges, and appears to be the result of polishing by the seal, and is significant enough to be felt with a fingernail as a definite change in size, it's bad.

It looks like it was machined. I am going to put it back together with the new seals and polish the shaft a very little bit and see what happens.

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