Putting XL light on my XR600

I ordered a what looks to be a hologen light setup for my 92 XR600.Did the XL use the hologen light setup and the XR use a lesser light?

I had the shop look up the light setups and there where two choices to make.Anyone done this and is it easy to wire up?Thanks

The XR used a wimpy 35 watt incandescent bulb and the XL had a more proper bulb. H4 halogen I think and 55/65 watts. The stock XR stator is kind of weak. If your new headlight is an H4 there are many bulbs available. If it doesn't power the 55/65 bulb there is a 45/45 available that will work great.

Thanks for your reply.The XL setup has three wires coming from the bulb instead on two like on the XR.Im guessing extra wire for high low beam.Would I just double up the extra wire to make it high beam all the time?Thanks

Just for anyone that wants to know.It was a 55/55 setup and it plug right in and works great.Its not at full brightness at idle but any speed its at full brightness and works good.

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