quick q

will a rear wheel of an wr 02 426 fit on a wr 06 450?

Did a quick comparison, not totally thorough, you can do the thorough one, the Hub and rim are the same part number, so worst case scenario, you're looking at a few differences in spacers and bearings, but in all likelyhood, it'll fit fine. (sorry - looked at the 05 - the rim is different on the 06, but physically the same size, hub (which is what matters) is the same.

go to:


Choose bike A, rear wheel, buy all the parts pertinent to the entire rear wheel assy, then go and choose bike B and go through the same list, if you end up with 2 of each in your shopping cart, then it's an exact fit, if you have several items where you only have 1 of each, it'll at least tell you what parts you'd need that are different.

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