950 miles in 3 days on the Pig

I posted a while back asking about doing road miles on a 650r. A group of guys I work with was doing a trip from ATL to VA via the Blue Ridge Parkway. My bike prep included a 15t front sprocket, some snowmobile saddlebags I modified to fit the bike and I mounted and balanced a Maxxis 6006 rear tire I had in the garage. I made a seat cushion from some foam with a thick bathroom rug spray glued to it (looks way better than it sounds). I checked the valves and changed the oil and I was set. The trip was about 300 miles of interstate and the rest was 2 lane mountain roads. The guy that set up the ride grew up in east TN and knows the whole area from doing these trips year after year.

The Pig did great on the trip. The rest of the bikes were touring bikes and cruisers and the Pig more than held its own against them with their 4 or 6 miniature pistons, ABS, etc. The interstate parts weren't that bad and the Pig cruised at 75 without a problem, although I wouldn't want to cross the country like that. Off the slab the Pig would pretty much wear the rest of the bikes out. On the Parkway I could keep up with the fastest rider in the group. We went 400 mi the first day, 300mi the second, and about 250mi going home. The weather and scenery were great, except 40mi from home I hit a downpour and by the time I put on rain gear it put me in the middle of Atlanta rush hour traffic.

Bike got 30(interstate) to 40mpg. I had the least range of the group even with a 4.6gal tank. Even after laying it over on the right side there are 2-3 qts left in there. The tire is about 1/3 to 1/2 gone, but did well on the road. I had read where a couple of people said this tire was loud, but it didn't seem any worse than a D606 I had. The bike didn't use any oil and the oil still looks new.

To sum it up- had a great time. I'll be going on the next one, maybe with more street oriented tires because I've never had dirt or 50/50 tires that last on the street.


Sounds great! :confused:

Pics of the pad?

For your next "road" trip, try Pirelli Scorpion tires. I'm running an S/T front and A/T rear with no issues. After about 1200 street miles, they still look very good (80% or so) and they stick really well - I ride the XR6 at least as fast in the twisties as the SV1000s with its Pilot Powers.

Good times!

When I figure the picture thing out I'll post one of the pad. It's about 1-1/2" thick and it's denser foam on the bottom so it's got some support. It velcros to the saddle bags so I can take the whole thing off without much trouble. I might go with the Scorpions- it's not that much trouble to change tires and there's no point wearing out knobs on a trip I know is going to be all pavement.

Before the trip I put lead shot in the bars to see if that reduced vibration. It didn't do anything so I took it out. It wasn't bad anyway- the only time I noticed it was on the interstate.


Cool DanMc! Sound similar to what I did, just a day trip though.

:crazy: I did my first long ride on Monday, along with 4 street cruisers. I was surprised at how well the XR650L ran on the road. Going 65 MPH for long stretches, carving tight mountain turns, getting 45-50 MPG! It was a little tiring, but I was not as near beat up as I thought I'd be.

My rear tire was an almost new Pirelli MT21, now it is a little worn, but it handled great! It still has a lot of life left. I do agree that some more street-able tires would be ideal, on the wish list is another set of wheels with street tires, maybe supermoto type.

Glad to here that you had a great time on your trip, I had a blast on my ride too!

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