Anyone know if Yamaha is going to bring out the rumored YZ150F this year? My son is 12 years old, 85 lbs and riding a 01 TTR125L. He loves the bike, but is getting too good for it, needs more power and a better suspension. He is too small for the YZ250F. I am contiplating putting him on the new 02 YZ85, but would rather stay with a thumper. I would wait for 03 YZ150F if there was hope of one being built.

Any suggestions???


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a YZ150F. I can't see the manfacturer pursuing such a niche market for worldwide production. BBR probably has a smaller XR200/XR250 frame, comparable to size in MX 80'S, perhaps a frame for a YZ/WR250F engine. I wouldn't even begin to guess the price of this machine. Equal or more than a new WR426 I'm sure.

It might be wiser to let junior ride the 125 until he gets big enough for the full size mount, probably the year after next.

My son is in the same age/weight catagory as yours. If your son races, then the 85 would be perfect for him. There would be some getting used to, but these kids pick up things soo quickly. The difference between the ttr 125 and the yz 85 is night and day. My sons yz 80 was the first bike with a clutch he had ever ridden. No problems. When he got a chance to ride a friends ttr 125, he told me he was glad he got the yz. Another year and my son may be ready for a 250f. Just depends on how much he grows.

For trail riding, thats a tough one. There is a definite void of mid-sized trailbikes.

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