Pukeing Fuel


so thrice now after leaving my bike in the garage over night i have woken up to find the garage smelling like fuel and puddle of fuel under my 2000 WR 400. :confused: Normally i would expect this to hapen if the bike got to warm and the fuel expands out the over flow but the temp in my garage is prabably between 6 and 8 degrees at night. After the first instance I shut the fuel off but still there was a puddle under my bike. The Carb was rebuilt at the beginning of the summer so I would not expect it to be a sticky float. The only thing I recently changed on my bike was I lost teh stock exhaust and went to an acrobitch ti system with out changing my jetting as im still waiting on my JD kit :confused: .

Im thouroughly confused by this and i cant afford to lose that my fuel everynight! :confused: anyone experienced this before?


Pretty much guaranteed it's a stuck float or stuck valve inside the carb, probably a piece of dirt got in somehow - this is not uncommon.

Clean the carb with some carb cleaner (spray), then it's also advisable to run your tank dry, remove the petcock off the tank and check that both pickup tubes are intact as well as cleaning the petcock - dirt will stop it from shutting your fuel off completely too - the pickup tubes sometimes come off, or the little debris filter is broken allowing dirt in - happened on mine once - the pickup for the ON position came off so I ran it on reserve until the tank was empty to at least still have a filter, then just reinstalled the disconnected pickup tube and all was well.

My son's KX65 did this recently right after a ride, we were sitting there chatting and I smelled gas - seeing it pour off the bike, tapped the carb to make it go away right there, cleaned the carb that night - never a problem since.

The problem is the spring inside the needle is weak and does not apply enough pressure to the needle to stop the flow of fuel.

The fix is to set your float level slightly lower so the float will now apply more pressure to the needle and the fuel will stop leaking before the fuel level reaches the overflow tube.:confused:


thanks fellas!

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